Undergraduate Curriculum Changes

MTSU uses the curriculum management system Curriculog for all proposals. Curriculog allows for the completion and submission of all curriculum proposals, the development of curriculum meeting agendas, and the review and approval of the curriculum committees and administrators. Classes on using Curriculog are offered periodically throughout the fall and spring semesters.

MTSU faculty and staff log in by using FSA user name with @mtsu.edu (jdoe@mtsu.edu) and FSA password. For assistance with Curriculog or proposals, please contact Mitzi Brandon.


Curriculum Changes Which DO Require Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Action

  • New course proposal
  • New program
    Requests include the establishment of new academic degree programs, new majors, new concentrations (concentrations appear on the student's transcript), and new tracks (tracks do not appear on the student's transcript).
  • Request to change course number or title
    To avoid duplication of course numbers, check with records@mtsu.edu before assigning a course number. Avoid duplication of course titles and infringement on courses existing in other departments. If a course title is changed, it is sometimes necessary to change the course number as well.
  • Request to change credit hours
  • Request to change curriculum of existing major (including concentrations), minor, or certificate
    This includes minor modifications in the existing program, e.g., changing the number of hours required in the core, adding or deleting one course from the core, adding or deleting elective courses, etc.
  • Request to inactivate a course
    Courses which have not been offered in the past three to five years should be inactivated. No justification for inactivating a course is needed.
  • Request to reactivate a course (Use the New Course/Course Reactivation form in Curriculog.)
  • Request to change admission, retention, progression, or graduation policy requirements

Curriculum Changes Which DO NOT Require Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Action

Minor changes in curriculum may be made at the departmental level and do not require action by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Submit the following through Curriculog using the Prerequisite and Other Miscellaneous Changes Form:

  • prerequisites for existing courses
  • grading system
  • schedule type
  • instructional method

NOTE: Course descriptions that do not involve substantial changes in the course content do not require approval and should be sent to the curriculum specialist.

See General Education Core Curriculum for further information about General Education changes.


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