Journalism, B.S.

The major in Journalism offers preparation for students who wish to be journalists–news reporters, copy editors, feature writers, editorial writers, freelance magazine writers, and online or multiplatform journalists.

About 1,000 schools across the US offer study in journalism, public relations or some form of media.  Only 112 of these are accredited journalism and media programs.  We’re proud that MTSU is one of these.

Accreditation is a voluntary self-assessment and external review by educators and media professionals.  The reviewers examine program resources, classes and student success. Every six years, MTSU’s program is measured against national standards to ensure that we’re offering the best, most up-to-date experience we can provide. Accreditation provides an assurance of quality to students, parents, and the public.

The MTSU School of Journalism and Strategic Media was found in full compliance on all nine accreditation standards. 

Go to the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication for more information about the value of accreditation.

In the spirit of sharing information related to the program's performance with the public, the following data is provided