MT One Stop Staff

Enrollment Coordinators 

Steven Byrd

Steven Byrd


Jonathan Clem

Jonathan Clem, M.S.


Kelly Holder

Kelly Holder, M.S. 


Jessica Adcock

Jessica Loyd


 Dustin Ritchey

Dustin Ritchey, M.Ed.


James Taylor

James Taylor


Tammy York

Tammy York




Assistant Enrollment Coordinators 

Bethaney Baker

 Bethaney Baker  

Amber Hawkins 

Amber Hawkins, M.A.




Administrative Staff

Tyler Henson

Tyler Henson, Ed.D.



Becca Smitty

Becca Smitty, M.S., CFLE

Associate Director


Danielle Rochelle

 Danielle Rochelle, M.A.

Outreach Coordinator

 Dawn Key  

Dawn Key



 Call Center

  • Scott Hurt, Manager
  • Lakenya Day, Call Center Agent
  • Dianne Dismukes, Call Center Agent
  • Fredrecia Wiggins, Call Center Agent
  • Aujia Wood-Russell, Call Center Agent


Scheduling and Registration

  • Anne Ford, M.A., Assistant Director - Scheduling and Registration
  • Tammy Maples, Manager - Scheduling
  • Hailey Sensing, Coordinator - Registration
  • Cyndi Smith, Information Research Tech
  • Christy Weir, Information Research Tech
  • Connie Glerum, One Stop Clerk